Services Include:

  • Truckload
  • Partial Truckload
  • Volume LTL
  • Temperature Control
  • Haz-Mat
  • Brokerage
  • Trailer Leasing

Fuel Surcharge Update

National Diesel Average

Rate Per Mile

Current Fuel Surcharge
22.00% Of Revenue

As of Week Ending 5/28/2016


Gully is proud of its 47-year relationship with Freightliner-the first truck of choice representing over 85% of our fleet throughout the years.

As a result of the durability of the FLD model, Gully continues to utilize that truck through extended life cycle by rebuilding or glider-kitting. In addition, in 2008, Gully Transportation started purchasing the Freightliner Cascadia. The Cascadia has also became respected by Freightliner as a new version of the Efficient Machine. We currently endorse the newest Freightliner slogan, “Run Smart”, as an efficient truck. Gully praises the truck’s design, driver comfort, visibility and enhanced fuel economy.

We will continue to pursue innovative solutions that include Freightliner trucks.

Gully also operates a fleet of heated and refrigerated vans as well as pneumatic, liquid and food grade tank trailers.


Our trailer fleet includes 600 vans that are 53ft in length and 50 vans that are 48ft in length.

Regional Truckload Coverage Areas